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Version: 2.1

Date: 2006-12-29 22:00

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A fictive Russian ruled island close to the territorial waters of the USA.. The Russians are tying to push the Americans off their islands while the Americans in turn try to force the Russians off theirs. Airspace is throughly conquered by Americans while the sea is reigned by the Russians. But due to missing AA-Cruisers Russian forces are not able to shoot the American airborne units while American forces hesitate to engage the Russians with there bombers - afraid this may cause an offense of the Russians. Whilst this times, the year 1984, my scenario - the Russian assassination of a leading American general - takes place.

As Russians did some good jobs on infiltrating the American reigned island of Sahrani their nearby base on the island of Malowa receives word that Colonel Tork Schneider, one of the major local leaders, is about to leave the island to a crossing flattop off-shore to return to the United States as soon as possible.

Radarcruisers in the sea off-shore to Malowa were reporting an incoming UH60-Blackhawk at 190530feb84 heading the island of Sahrani while Intel was reporting that this blackhawk has been supposed to land at Croya - one of the most southern villages of Sahrani.
Russian chiefs are seizing the chance to get rid of Colonel Tork Schneider, who was the initiator of some major previous anti-russian operations, once and for all. The Russian HQ decides to dispatch a taskforce at the southern coast which will have about 10 Minutes to hit the convoy and retreat.

Your group is dispatched at 0655 in the morning 1km south to Cayo, the American base where the officer is supposed to be extracted. The route of the convoy lies north to Cayo, so your group has to bypass Cayo first. If you dont: You will regret soon. The briefing holds all necessary Information about the mission and the information Intel got on the Convoy and on Colonel Schneider.

    - Civilian observers have been given NV-Goggles.
    - East has been throughly equipped with NV-Goggles.
    - Ejection-Sequence has been inproved (means: is now playable).
    - Reenforcement-procedures have been improved.
    - Seek-And-Destroy troops are now released earlier
    - Extraction-sequence has been improved
    - Extraction alternation has been improved
    - Mission now runs properly on dedicated and non-dedicated Servers
    - NVision has been reassigned

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