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Date: 2006-12-28 04:21

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P.O.W. Escape

Mission background:
The Eastern forces have taken control of the large islands. The West has pulled their forces back to their base on the island of Antigua. All that remain are a few POW's being held in a prison camp. The evil commandant has been torturing and murdering his prisoners nightly. One night, the remaining POW's, with the aid of the local underground resistance, decide to make an escape. The mission begins at that point.

West Briefing:
The Eastern forces have total control of the main islands. The remaining Western soldiers have set up a base on the island of Antigua.
The east has placed all captured west soldiers into a P.O.W. camp and local Resistance sources report that they are being tortured and executed nightly!
You are one of the surviving POW's and have devised a plan to escape with the remaining prisoners.
    West Objectives: - Using matchsticks and a section of pipe from the plumbing system, you have made a simple pipebomb which you will use to blast your way through the barbed wire fence.

    - Make your way through the woods as quickly as possible.

    - Reach the Resistance camp, arm yourself and call for the extraction boat using the radio.

    - Meet the boat and escape with the surviving POW's to the Resistance main base.

The Commandant of the POW camp suspects that the prisoners are planning an escape. He has requested that a team of Special Forces Especas be sent to reinforce his current ranks to thwart such an attempt.
    East Objectives: - The Especas will begin at the Special Forces training facility.

    - Get in the Ural truck and follow the designated path to the POW camp.

    - If an escape is successful, pursue the prisoners and eliminate them! Search all areas marked on your map.

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