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Requirements: No addons required

Version: Beta - Build 064
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2010-01-04 16:24

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VFFPSS is an addon that automatically reduces the visual quality during gameplay to gain more FPS. The adjustment happens dynamically and will be reversed once sufficient FPS are being detected. It is yourself who sets the appropriate threshholds for these adjustments. Press ESC during the game and call the VFPSS Dialog by pressing the related button top left.

You can try your own settings through the control panel and later add the desired values to the VFFPSS.hpp file for automatic use. Advice: don't set minFPS and maxFPS too close; if you do you will witness constant switching of viewdistance and terrain quality. That can get very annoying. So make sure you really only decrease when FPS reach an unacceptable limit and increase when you don't really need this rate to play.

There are two levels of quality:
Level 1: Decrease viewdistance and terrain quality
Level 2: Decrease terrain quality further so that all grass will disappear; delete all nearby dead bodies

Level 2 is disabled by default. You can only enable it through the config file. The options in that file are documented and should be self-explanatory.

To install, extract the PBO files to your ArmA 2 Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Also, you need to place the provided "VFFPSS.hpp" configuation file into a "Userconfig\VF" directory structure in your Arma II root directory.
It should look like this (example path):

The file contains the default settings used by VFFPSS. If the addon does not find the file for any reason you will see an error message; however you can continue to play. VFFPSS will configure itself with some default values which you can still change in the control panel. But using the config file method is a hell lot more convenient obviously.

Included files:

Change log:
Build 64 (Bugfix release)
- Removed L2 debug message in non-debug mode
- Corrected L2 handling and execution

Build 60
- Introduced usage of parameter file \Userconfig\VF\VFFPSS.hpp to pre-set some values
- Introduced Level 2 measures (default OFF, only activated through VFFPSS.hpp)

Build 48
- New config as suggested by Armatech -> Control Panel now can be called from the ESC menu screen instead of action menu
- Control Panel will show up quicker now

Build 046
- Lowered TerrainGrid Value @ low settings
- Added more latency to increasing TerrainGrid
- Added exit option to control panel - will terminate VFFPSS until control panel is called again
- Added error handling in user control panel

Build 043
- Increased reaction time, addon version
- Addon version
- Built in control panel to set custom values

Build 032
- Added airborne detection; when in airborne (plane, chopper, chute) script is paused and viewdistance is fixed
- Changed terraindetail to just LO and HI setting. Gradual stepping caused too much stuttering
- Added vehicle function; when in vehicle and engine is running LO terraindetail will be assumed

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