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Date: 2009-06-08 21:25

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attachto template 1 - Scripted Ride On APC

Suite of scripts that allows up to 4 players to ride on the top of an APC. From there they can stand, crouch, turn around, shoot reload and disembark.

To implement in your own missions
1. Copy the sitOnTopVcl folder from the test mission into your mission file.
2. Create an AAV in the editor, name it (eg. AAV1), then in the APC’s init box put:
nul = [this] execVM "sitOnTopVcl\mount_vcl_init.sqf";
3. Create playable units and name them in the editor.

To use
1. Run up to the AAV and you will get the option to ride on top.
2. Once you are on top and attached you can;
a/ turn around using the “delete” and “end” keys
b/ disembark using the insert key – this will unattach you from the vehicle and you can just walk off using the “W” key.
c/ reload using the “R” key
d/ aim and target within a limited arc, bring up the iron sites, the use the “alt” key to move your aim around – for gross changes in direction use the turn around keys listed above.

Tested on a dedicated server but without multiple players.

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