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Version: 0.2

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Date: 2009-08-26 17:00

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attachTo template 4 - Move to helicopter door and fire

version 0.2 - 08/26/2009 :
This script is hopefully fully multiplayer compatible now, also added firing positions for the UH-60S.

A script that allows you to move from the seat position within a UH-1 to the door way so that you can fire outside while the chopper is moving.

To implement in your own missions
1. Copy the heliDoor folder from the test mission into your mission file.
2. Create a UH-1 in the editor and name it, , then in the chopper’s init box put:
nul = [this] execVM "heliDoor\heliDoor_init.sqf";
3. Create a player in the editor and name it.

To use:
1. Get in the chopper once inside you should get an action that allows you to move to the left or right door
2. To aim: bring up the iron sights and hold the alt key to move your aim point around
3. Press "R" to reload
4 Press "INSERT" to move back to your seat - NB you will need to do this to disembark the chopper

If the chopper is accelrating or decelerating hard you may bob around a bit inside while at the doors and may not be able to shoot - unfortunately this is a limitation of the

attachTo command. When in level flight it seems to work really nicely.

Test Mission
Get in the back of the chopper and then move to the door (you can also do this while in flight). Order the pilot to move to a position on the map. Try moving to each door and back again.

Change Log:
v 0.2 - 08/26/2009
Multiple actions for moving to the chopper doors when more than one player was on board.

v 0.1 - 06/08/2009
Tested on a dedicated server but without multiple players.

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