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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2009-06-10 18:48

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This script will somewhat simulate the ILS (instrumental landing system) in order to manually land at an airport with low visibility.

The easiest way to use the script with your missions is by adding an action menu entry to the airplane. As in the previous version made for ArmA1, you will get a somewhat primitive display of the glideslope's position. In this version, you will also see red bright rings which are following the glideslope. Those rings will currently spawn at a distance of 5 km to the airport, but you can change that in the script file itself. Once you fly below 5m, the script will terminate and all the rings will be deleted.

If you want to setup the ILS script for an approach on the runway 33 of the main airport of Chernarus, just write the following in the init line of the plane.
this addAction ["ILS","ilsproII.sqf",[loc,airport,"Chernarus","Rwy 33","ILS"]];
"ILS" - This is the action menu entry name, which is displayed to you.

"ilsproII.sqf" - This is the name of the script.

loc - This is the name of a game logic, which you have to place at the end of the runway. You have to rotate the game logic, until it matches the direction of the runway.

airport - This is the name of another game logic. Place this one at the touchdown location of the runway. The game logic has to face the opposite direction of the first game logic. If loc is set to 330°, then airport has to be set to 150°.

"Chernarus" - This is the name of the airport, which will be displayed.

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