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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1
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Date: 2009-06-23 19:28

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80 Custom Faces

ArmA2 has many different faces... and NOW even more!
Rocco is presenting you over 100 custom faces including celebrities for more variety ingame.
Those custom faces DO NOT have any performance impact because of the .paa file format packed into a .pbo!

List of celebrities included:
    - Arnold Schwarzenegger
    - Benicio del Torro
    - Bruce Willis
    - Charlie Sheen
    - Gene Hackman
    - George Clooney
    - Jason Statham
    - Johnny Knoxville
    - Josh Hartnett
    - Mel Gibson
    - Sam Elliot
    - Sam Fisher
    - Tom Berenger
1) Extract RoccoFaces.rar with Winrar or 7z
2) Copy @RoccoFaces to your ArmA2 root game directory
3) Richtclick your ArmA2 desktop shortcut, click properties and add -mod=@RoccoFaces to your command line, so that it looks like this: "Yourdrive:\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -nosplash -mod=@RoccoFaces
4) Click "Player Profile" and choose your Face
5) Have Fun!

Read the FAQ for more information about the use of modfolders.

Included pbo files:

Please put the bikey located in @RoccoFaces\server key\ into your folder of trusted addons.

- Difference between "Rocco" face and "Benicio del Torro" face is an individual Tattoo on Rocco´s fingers.
- Some faces look better then others because of the different sources used.

Credits & Thanks:
Most of the faces aren´t made by Rocco, so credit goes to whoever made them. If you have more faces you want to add, please PM me.

- the mod has been updated and is based on ArmA2 face template
- included more celebrity faces
- skipped some camo faces that were simply ugly

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- BI forums

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