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Version: Final

Date: 2010-02-02 19:48

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US sapper team has been inserted by a fishing boat to ambush a convoy. The convoy includes 2 support urals which we need to refuel an Mi-24 which has been given to rebels by russian authorities to strike our mainland troops. Secure the trucks to refuel the hind and fly it to our aircraft carrier.
(Exit the Hind at carrier to end mission.)

- Stage 1: Ambush convoy and secure support trucks
- Stage 2: Refuel the Mi-24
- Stage 3: Fly the Mi-24 to aircraft carrier

- Extract the pbo file(s) to your .\ArmA2\MPMissions (installation) folder.

Change log:
* Revive as 0.42
* Tasks handled now with taskmaster
* Removed civilian module

* Updated revive script to 0.3c
* 1.04 compatible
* Changed the conditions for 2nd task. It does not count the presence of fuel truck anymore because it was sometimes malfunctioning. Now it detects the presence of player in chopper and it's availability to move.

* Updated revive script to 0.2m
* 1.03 compatible

* Revive upgraded as 0.2f

* Updated revive script (0.2c)
* Tweaked one bunker height
* Added randomness to some units
* Units in truck should now react when 1st tank disabled
* Reinforcements for enemy
* Some locals will surrender

(This is based on one of my old flashpoint missions which I did not publish)

I hope you enjoy it.
Make sure the fuel truck does not get destroyed.
Although at convoy destination there's a repair truck if needed.

ps. Feel free to upgrade the revive yourself when new versions come out. I will consentrate on new stuff again

Credits & thanks:
- BIS/BIA for their great simulators.
- ICON squad for test assistance
- AI-disabled Revive by norrin

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