Author: HeinBloed
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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 1.01
Signed: Yes, server key included

Short description: Reduces the effects of HDR dramatically by adjusting the aperture

Date: 2009-07-25 08:04

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This Addon does not disable HDR but it is reducing the effects of HDR dramatically by adjusting the aperture.
This Addon is client side only.

There are to variants to use this addon.
1. Via Key:
This variant does not work with addons which are using the old displaySetEventHandler command. It also does not work with the Editor Modules "Construction Interface" (Used by missions such as Superpowers) and "High Command" witch are using the displaySetEventHandler command as well.
This variant does not work on Single Player with resume game from mission menu. Start new game...load savegame is working.
2. Via actionmenu:
- There are not any known issues by using the actionmenu.

gdtmod_hdr.pbo: Into a mod folder of your choice. For example:
gdtmod_hdr.pbo.gdtmod_hdr.bisign: Into the same folder like gdtmod_hdr.pbo.
gdtmod_hdr.hpp: Into ..\Your_ArmA_2_Folder\userconfig\gdtmod_hdr\
gdtmod_hdr.bikey: For Servers only.
Start ArmA 2 with -mod=YourModFolder

If you do not know how to make and use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

In Game:
[POS1] or Actionmenu "HDR Menu": Opens the menu.

Mouse wheel up: Increase brightness.
Mouse wheel down: Reduce brightness.
Preset Eyes: Preset aperture setting for normal view.
Preset NVG: Preset aperture setting for Night vision Googles.
Exit: Close menu.

New to 1.01: Set this addon active or not on mission start. Open gdtmod_hdr.hpp and change:
_start = 0; (0 = Not active until you open the menu. 1 = Active on mission start.)

New to 1.01: Choose how to start the menu. Open gdtmod_hdr.hpp and change:
_menu = 0; (0 = Start menu via Key, 1 = Start menu via Actionmenu)

You can choose between every Key of your choice to start the menu. You can change the default aperture settings by editing the gdtmod_hdr.hpp file:
    1. Open gdtmod_hdr.hpp
    Must be _menu = 0; (0 = Start menu via Key).
    Change _help = 0; to _help = 1;
    Save gdtmod_hdr.hpp
    2. Start the game, place a player in the editor and start preview.
    3. By pressing any key you will see the key number of the pressed key and the current aperture setting.
      a) Change the aperture setting until you find your preferred setting for the chosen daytime.
      Notice your setting for each daytime.
      Repeat this for every daytime you want to change.
      b) Press your favoured key.
      Notice your key number.
      Close the game.
      c) Open gdtmod_hdr.hpp.
      Change the aperture settings for each daytime.
      Change the key number.
      Change _help = 1; to _help = 0;
      Save gdtmod_hdr.hpp

Known issues:
This Addon does not work on single player! Loading a savegame will crash the game.

- Enhanced compatibility for Key activation by using displayAddEventHandler "KeyUp". For Example: Compatible with the Arma 2 integrated HALO function.
- Alternative start via actionmenu added.
- Using Extended Eventhandlers (XEH).
- Fixed: Single player: Loading a savegame will crash the game.
Note: Updating this addon from 1.00 to 1.01 needs an update for gdtmod_hdr.hpp too. Alternative you can insert the first 2 lines of the new gdtmod_hdr.hpp to the old one. (_start = 0; and _menu = 0

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