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Date: 2009-07-16 21:07

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DoW - Arma Launch Pad

Program designed to allow for the easy launch of Operation Flashpoint (cold war crisis), Armed Assault, Armed Assault II and Armed Assault II Steam version.

    - Friendly interface
    - You can set it for Operation Flashpoint (cold war crisis), Armed Assault, ArmA2 and ArmA2 Steam version, all in 1 launcher
    - You can manage add-ons independent for every game
    - The standard add-ons are independent of sound mod, you can select all add-ons you want but only 1 sound mod at time
    - You can manage your favorite server list for launch directly as multiplayer connecting to server including the server in the profile preset or selecting the server in the main screen before launch, and this list will show if servers are online and ping rate, support for include private server password
    - Manage all profiles as you need
    - Hot checkbox for click the most common parameters, but you can add any extra parameter line for each profile
    - You can preset all options, add-ons, mod sound, multiplayer server, direct click common parameters (empty world, windows, skip intro) and custom parameters for all profiles
    - You can see all preset option when you select any profile in the main screen, all options can be selected or unselected on the fly in the main screen before launch without save your profile changes
    - On steam work fine with all add-ons folders and parameters like the box version, if Steam is not already running this launcher will start steam and Arma 2 automatic with all preset options and add-ons
    - Multi language supported, by default distributed on English and Spanish, just put new lang file edited on word pad on lang directory and the launcher will get it
You must uninstall old version 2.0
Because new version use a new data estructure, you must delete the old folder with all .cfg files before install 2.1, for force DoW 2.1 to make all new fresh files
It requires Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5

Fixed: Main window cut on some resolutions, the server list deploying effect was causing wrong window size for some resolutions, in 2.1 this effect has been removed and main window show the server list alway deployed, no more window cut on main screen.
Fixed: Steam version launching issue, few people have diferent Steam ID, now Valve confirm me they are using 2 Steam ID for Arma II, both Steam ID are now included on switch box available on DoW 2.1 config screen, now is working for every Steam users.
Fixed: Issue launching connecting to servers using especific port, now the connection is working fine with or without port on server setting, the port is requiered for some server depending of they configuration or how many games are hosted in same IP, in another cases is not necesary.
New feature: Now on config screen you can select your correct Steam application ID for Arma II asigned by Steam, 33900 and 33910 (default), help for Steam version setting included clicking a help icon there - (Arma II Steam version only)
New feature: Now you can force to use SLI on windows vista and windows 7 - (Arma II only)
New feature: Now you can force the number of core usage for Arma II, by default autodetection - (Arma II only)
New feature: Now you can include server password on "Managing my favorites screen", private servers requiring a password now can be launch from DoW 2.1.
New feature: Now you can use URL address of server if you dont know the IP.
New feature: New smart paste for server list, you can copy URL and IP (control-C) from any web or text box to the clipboard, using the following formats,, www and www, and use the paste button editing a server on manager, the smart paste will try fill all fields correctly.

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