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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 0.7
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2009-07-08 18:55

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Fixed Range Nightvision

The default high dynamic range while using nightvision in the game is somewhat faulty.
Most of the time you can use it fine, but in some cases it becomes almost unusable.
A light source in view makes the entire screen black or draws a contrast that makes gameplay impossible.
This addon allows disabling the stock hdr engine in nightvision and allows manual adjustment of NVG exposure.

You can configure the addon to your preferences at
arma2 installation folder>\dta\S_NVG\S_NVG.hpp
So essentially this is a port of my [page=]addon for arma1[/page].

Differences to A1 version:
    * It is now disabled by default - A2 HDR is greatly improved from A1, but still has some issues, so this addon needed to be made.
    * Much cleaner code.
    * Uses A2's new displayEventHandlers, so key conflicts should be gone.
    * Put key assignments and default setting in the file \dta\S_NVG\S_NVG.hpp, so those who don't like the defaults can change it
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation about using modfolders.

Included files:

Note that while pre-v0.7 versions of the addon still work as-is on A2, it is recommended that you upgrade as it will have key-handler conflicts and might cause breakage

Future plans & issues:
Future plans and current issues;
* No known bugs at the moment.. only concerns listed below.
* Are there any multiplayer issues? I don't play online much so i wouldn't know.
* displayEventHandlers still won't carry over a savegame, so i'm removing and re-adding them every second - is there a way around this and are there any issues expected with this?
* I tried to launch the addon with Extended_PostInit_EventHandlers, as it should be ran only once and would save me from another global variable, but it didn't work - perhaps i'm misunderstanding it's functionality?

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