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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2007-01-15 17:04

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Defend the outpost with your life.

Big outpost set in the desert and you have to keep it from being overrun.

I have managed to convert the SPAWNAI, and MechanizedAI Spawn Scripts to work in ArmA \0/.

So there is difficulty settings.


-Easy, Medium, Hard, Impossible [yeah the last is a challenge but can be done with experts i think]
-Weather Settings
-Every 10 minutes the time fast forward a few hours to get full day experience
-After 3 hours mission ends [Healthy for the players sake when playing Impossible Unless all die sooner]
-Big Sandbag Bunker [ Charlie Ack (fraghaus)]
-Markers Follow Players Pos
-Spectator Cam v1.4[not in use]

- Updated Bunker to work in MP [DEDICATED S]
- Added NVG to ammo creates
- Made Impossible Even more harder

Hint* When playing Impossible Mode the only way to win is destroy all 5 enemy spawn tents. Plus all the tanks and other units ^^

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