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Version: 2.8.0

Date: 2009-07-27 16:17

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Moveable Target Range

It creates user-definable targets at predefined distances, with distance markers at the sidelines.

Via the action menu you can then choose at which distance the targets should appear.

* Use any objects as targets.
* Targets can be placed anywhere on the map, and will always align with the player.
* Targets can be static or move at a user-defined speed & distance.
* Target distances can be incrementally adjusted during the mission.
* Target units will assume different stances.
* Target distances are indicated with walls & flags.
* Any available weapon can be selected via a dialog.
* Weapons have unlimited ammo available, with automatic reloading.
* The distance, impact height and average speed of the projectile is displayed after each shot.
* Ballistics information can be shown in-game, or copied into a spreadsheet for further analysis.
* A bullet cam option allows following the path of the projectile.
* A slow-mo mode is available, to simulate a perfect aiming situation.
* The landing spot of the fired projectile can be indicated on the map.
* Fully compatible with any vehicle weapons.

Place the mission folder inside the \My Documents\ArmA2\Missions or \My Documents\ArmA2 Other Profiles\[profile name]\Missions folders.

- Fixed missing ballistics chart
- Bulletcam can be aborted
- More informative weapon selection dialog
- Optional running AI

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Moveable Target Range

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