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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 3.0

Date: 2009-07-31 18:23

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Oden Warfare Dedicated Server Pack

This is a mixed Warfare with US Marines and Chernarussian Defence Forces versus Russian 3rd Army and Chedaki Insurgents.
Currently only 32 player version is available.

(Four Factions, USMC and CDF versus RU and INS)

* Securing Camps and Towns will show the flag of the faction in question.
* Commander may resign by voting for AI which instantly switch to AI commander.
* Unit map marker shows if team actually is in an armored vehicle, not just assigned such a role.
* Kill messages has been removed and OnScreen messages shows below screen center.
* Fast Travel is instant per location and to town depot.
* No Addon version allows a small set of infantry and light vehicles to be purchased from any friendly Towns Depot (empty vehicles).
* Purchasing Vehicles at base populates the vehicles all turrets if available and leaves commander or gunner slot for the player.
* Airsupport may be called in for a feasible price of $3500 and spawns a random aircraft/helo for player to "ai-control" (ai teams do the same so expect unsafe airspace).
* If available, and you have Laser abilities, a proper aircraft will be assigned. Max 2 planes per side at any given time is allowed.
* Dynamic weather is active and changes every 4 minutes.
* Fast Time is running 3 minutes every 15 seconds (1 virtual hour for 5 minutes ingame).

Extract the .pbo file(s)to your ArmA2\Missions folder for SP or to ArmA2\MPMissions for MP.

There are 3 options available to player in "vote":
    * [Group Respawn] Allows player to respawn in ai team member position with said weapons (those within 200m at time of death).
    * [Action Music] Controls if a music track will play when player dies.
    * [Dynamic ViewDistance] Increases ViewDistance at higher altitude every 10 seconds (each 100m altitide) to a maximum 10,000m VD at 500m altitude.
Game Styles:
* Warfare or Invasion Warfare with East or West as Invader may be selected by server admin.
* Invasion Warfare starts with all towns but four assigned defender team while the invaders get 20x starting funds (500 vs 10000).
* Due to the massive quantity of towns the invaders must capture as many towns as possible to deny the otherwise huge increase of funds for the defenders.
* There is also settings available to limit player lives to 5 or 10 usually adding alot to the game experience.

Change log:
* Buy a Mortar, Howitzer or a Mobile Rocket Launcher in Light Factory or Heavy Factory from Base (not recommended) or a Town Depot.
* Requesting these assets at a town depot will place them at one of the town camps which is preferred over doing so at Base since running a Fire Mission when the enemy have an Artillery Radar will show its position.
* Mobile Rocket Launchers may be reallocated using the extra User Action. This is very important in a Counter Battery Point of View making these mobile launchers very valuable.
* Once your battery is up you will see two or three User Actions allowing you to request a fire mission or switch muntions between High Explosive, White Phosphorus, Search And Destroy Armor (SADARM), Laser Guided, Illumination or Smoke. Remember that all are not applicable depending on what kind of battery you are controlling.
* Only Howitzers are capable to use all types of muntions while Mortars are restricted to HE, WP and Illumination (WP makes good smokescreens though) and Mobile Rocket Launchers only work with HE (in this game).
* Once you have a Battery up you can reinforce it with the same type only and after 5 Fire Missions it will be depleted and you may buy another battery (avoid reinforcing a battery with only one or two firemissions left).
* AI teams capturing towns will also build and use one battery shared among them. When 'capture town' is in progress it will be considered 'shelled' already and AI will not call in firemissions but due to timing issues there is always a probability of friendly fire.
* Each Fire Mission will deliver 4 shots per gun but Smoke and Illumination will run for 2 minutes.
* You can cancel a firemission at any time using 'Check Fire' User Action, shots already fired will not return though..
* Russian teams was bugged earlier givning them initial slow progress as Invader.
* ViewDistance feature is completely removed.
* Group Respawn into vehicle fixed.
* Buy Units at Depot not possible with enemies nearby.
* Fast Time increased during night (double)

* towns or Full Map server options
* some minor fixes

* Fast Time did not work from dedicated server

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