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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.5

Date: 2007-03-04 20:33

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Welcome Commandos, Earlier this year the Island of Sahrani had been taken over by a occupying force. It is your job of you and your friends to work together to get this occupying force removed from the island. This Occupation Must Be Crushed...

- 9 Objectives
- Only Pilots are able to fly aircraft. Attack Helicopters available after 4 towns have been captured.
- Max players is now 30
- Weather Settings
- Time Skips few hours every 10min
- Vehicle Respawn
- Nightmares Enhancement Script [ FARP - Fuel and Repair Point]
- SpawnAI and MechenisedAI Spawn Scripts
- Total Random AI
- Custom Town Script Difficulty Settings for [Easy, Medium, Hard, Impossible]
- Marker Follow
- Spectator Script 1.4 [Not in Use]
- Custom Flags

Hint* Aircraft Don't Respawn.

Whats New:

- Added + Updated Kronzky Urban Patrol Script
- Fixed some Scripts made it more user friendly
- Added some Extras from patch 1.05
- JIP Objectives + Markers [ When Player Joins he will see which objectives have been complete also the markers will have changed color.
- Fixed some Minor Bugs

- Updated Briefing to Full Version
- Maxed Out All AI Groups
- Fixed Some Enemy Spawn Issues
- Taken Out the Random Advanced Timing
- FIXED TOWN Ending [You Must Capture a Flag in the Town] [Before you had to clear town of all enemy which could take at least a day with random ai and it was stressful]
- Added Some Support Trucks for Vehicles
- Fixed Some Radio Messages
- Made AI Tanks work by starting crew outside tanks [for dedis]
- Made TIME+Weather Options Together in the MP selection Screen...

Thanks to: Matt Rochelle, Nightmare, Charile, KaRRiLLioN, Sgt.Ace and everone else.

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