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Version: 2.3

Date: 2009-07-26 16:51

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War in Chernarus - C&H Mission Pack

Mission pack containing 3 Capture and Hold missions.

Capturing areas is key to winning the game.
To capture an area it is necessary to enter into the circle marked with a black grid.
To keep an area there is no necessity for it to be there, it is enough not to let pass there the enemy.
If in an area there is an equal quantity of fighters from both sides the area is considered neutral and points are not charged to anybody.
If the area is hold by a team it accepts corresponding colour:
* Russia - red color;
* USA - blue color;
* Rebels - green color;
If the area is neutral it accepts grey color.

Extract to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Calculating scores
Points gives for capturing and holding areas.
* 1 point per minute for unbroken holding;
* 2 points per minute after 5 minutes of unbroken holding;
* 3 points per minute after 15 minutes of unbroken holding.

Destroyed vehicles can be respawn on the base unlimited times:
* armor - every 5 minutes;
* helicopters - every 3 minutes;
* light vehicles - every 1 minutes;
* civilian vehicles - every 30 seconds;
If the player leaves vehicle more 90 seconds it will be gone and respawn on the base after appropriate time.
Repair, refuel and reammo for all kinds of vehicles can be done on the base near Repair point.

Weapons and ammunition
Weapons and ammunition of the player depends on chosen role. There are ammunition boxes in every area.

The commander of each of the teams can construct Mobile Base on which players of its command can quickly move from a flag on a Main Base. If the Mobile Base is destroyed, it can be reconstructed only in 5 minutes.

Credits & Thanks
Autor: bakzz
Co-Autor & Localization: Selya

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