Author: 10-78 Busterking
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-01-13 00:07

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10-78 Busterking

Mission Synopsis:

The Eastern forces just learned that a rat for the Western forces is meeting with a major in this house located in the small village of Mataredo. The rat must be located and terminated before the information is leaked. A special Eastern Force unit has been assigned this mission and are presently located here and they now have 20 minutes to destroy the target.
-there's a medical tent located in the village which could come of some help for the injured soldiers.
-this is a quick operation set on 20 minutes, the RAT must be killed at all cost!

It's October 9th. and a Western Force Unit has been assigned to meet with an informant who has intel on the Eastern Forces activities . The Major assigned to this case just wants to make it quick so that his men can return in time for the 10-78 Clan Anniversary party. They have arrived by chopper here and the Major is presently meeting with the informant.
-The elite Western Force Unit are the best trained officers and will make sure that this meeting goes on without a glitch.

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