Author: Clayman
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 2.3.1
Signed: No

Short description: Addon to play music from the game or custom music while driving any vehicle.

Date: 2011-01-26 19:25

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Car Radio

Addon to play music from the game or custom music while driving any vehicle.

* Fully working Car Radio for all cars and trucks in ArmA2
* All ArmA2 musictracks already included
* Add as many own musictracks as you wish
* Filteroptions InGame / own music
* Repeat Funtcion
* Random play
* 12-color display
* 7-color softkeys
* two designs
* Output Level depending on your soundcard / speakers

Copy the two folders @CLAY_CarRadio and userconfig to your ArmAII directory.
Add the startup parameter -mod=@CLAY_CarRadio to your ArmAII shortcut. (Or use an ArmAII Launcher of your choice!)

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation how to use modfolders.

Included files:

To make the Car Radio available in your own mission, place the 'Car Radio' Module (found under Modules (F7) > Car Radio) somewhere on your Map.
The Radio will be available in any car or truck on the map. Just board it any select 'Car Radio' from the action menu.

Refer to the included readme for detailed usage instructions!

An example mission (outdated?) showing you how to add your own music and how to add additional vehicle types can be found here:
- Demo mission

Credits & Thanks:
BI for ArmAII
Vektorbosen for his (OFP) Dialog Tutorial
T_D for some help with the display-colorchange script
kju for support & some really nice ideas
Srgt_Foxhound, who "obliged" me to make this update ;-)

Change log:
* Fixed 'nil' error

* Added Operation Arrowhead musictracks
* Added tracks from Eagle Wing Campaign (Arma2 Patch 1.05)
* Fixed bug when leaving Playlist Editor via Cancel button
* Car Radio now found in Modules (F7)
* Custom Icon

* Fixed all bugs introduced in Version 2.1
* Drag & Drop function for Playlist Editor
* Radio can be moved to any screen position
* Own playlist can be pre-defined
* No need for additional variables
* Vehicles types which don't have the radio
* Tooltips added
* No more delay when clicking << or >>
* Bug in display-colorchange fixed
* Some minor cosmetics

* Music will stop playing after leaving a vehicle

* Fixed bug, which caused other music not to be played

* Adding own music will work now
* Additional vehicle types that can use the Car Radio can be added
* Added Playlist Editor
* Main functions can be accessed via keyboard

* Ported to ArmAII
* Re-write of all scripts
* New, highly improved design
* Unlimited amount of own tracks can be added
* Different playlists
* Random play function
* Automatic color change for display
* Soft keys in 7 colors

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Arma 2

Older version:
In case you want to use the older version you can download it from here:
- Car Radio v2.2

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