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Version: 1.1

Date: 2009-08-07 09:12

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Nemorz - Coop Mission Pack

Mission pack containing 4 coop missions:
    1. Defend Castle (Version 3):
      Simple, you have to defend the Devil's Castle for one hour, until re-inforcements arrive.
      At your disposal: 1 AH-1Z Cobra and 1 M1A2 TUSK
      If I remember correctly it's a 5 man playable Squad, but you can decrease/increase that to your will.
      Respawns are unlimited but if the enemy reaches your Flag it's all over.
      If you survive the hour, you succeed.
      A crate with all weapons is available at Spawn.
    2. Survival: Stary Sobor:
      Pretty much the same as Defend Castle, only it's set in a different location, the same vehicles are available but the AH-1Z is a one-time use with a dedicated pilot and the M1A2 TUSK has a 10 minute respawn, so use them wisely.
      Also, the AH-1Z is able to refuel/rearm/repair back at the Helipad.
      A crate with all weapons is available at Spawn.
    3. Destroy Resupply:
      Start off at the friendly controlled Airfield to the north of Chernarus.
      Team leader has the ability to call in Transport, as does the AV8B pilot (should he get shot down or should the other Transport get shot down).
      Proceed to waypoint, ambush the convoy, get back to base.
      The AV8B pilot is dedicated, meaning he is not grouped to the 3-man team operating in the mission.
      No respawns. Mission time should be around 35-45 minutes.
    4. Ambush Convoy:
      Same kind of thing as above, except you don't have a transport at your disposal. 3-man or 4-man team (I can't recall and it's late here)
      Proceed to waypoint, set a trap, kill the enemy then head to extract point. Simples.
Extract to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
- Stary Sobor "Defend the castle" intro now changed to "Defend the town"
- Resupply Convoy Mission should now have transport available (I'm not sure why it wasn't working, so I took everything out I had, checked forums a little and found I had a bit of conflicting code, sorted now I hope)
- Added a Briefing to the Ambush Convoy map as well as some text on the waypoints

Credits & Thanks:
Credit to all those whose scripts I have used (Again I forget names, will probably post them tomorrow) and to the community in general for their support in helping newbies like myself improve and create missions.

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