Author: 10-78 Busterking
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-01-13 01:05

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Destroy Hideout
10-78 Busterking

Mission Synopsis:

The Western forces received intel that General PoonTang of the East forces is hiding out in a small motel in the village of Ortego. The Western forces are sending in their soldiers with two HMMWV each containing 30 satchels to blow up the motel. On July 4th. at 7AM, the western forces have made their way here and they now have 20 minutes to destroy the objective.
-the soldiers will need 5 satchel charges to blow up the motel. They must proceed with extreme caution since the area is heavily guarded.
-there's a medical tent located just north-west of the motel which could come of some help for the injured soldiers.
-this is a quick operation set on 20 minutes, the Objective must be accomplished at all cost!

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