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Version: 1.04 Hotfix 1

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Date: 2009-08-14 20:23

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Artillery Support System Package - script version

This is similar to what CoC had with their CoC Unified Artillery 1.0. I would have imitated their 1.1 interface but I'm not talented enough for that at this time.
This was thought as an CO-OP module for people who travel in either small or big groups to be able to call artillery support from various weaponry.
This is not likely suitable for playing with people you don't know because they can hog the artillery indefinetly.
I know that SQF would probably be better for this kind of thing than SQS but I have more experience with SQS than I do with SQF but hopefully I'll spend more time experimenting with SQF and eventually convert this.

Multiplayer Compatible

- An action interface to fully customize an artillery fire mission during gameplay.
- you can chose which battery you wish to shoot.
- you can define [Mission type - Round Type - Rate of Fire - Number of Rounds].
- you can also define the dispersion field of the artillery.
Ammo Limitation of each ammo type. (once an ammo type has been depleted you can use the others untill the battery is resupplied. the user can adjust the time for resupply or disable it all together in the options.sqf)
- M270 MLRS shoot'n Scoot Abillity. (you can enable this in options.sqf)

This system is similar to CoC's old school action interface. this will change in the future once i get more proficient with dialog creation.

Place the demo mission into your "my documents\arma 2\missions" folder and load it up in the editor under the "chernarus" map and play it.
The demo mission is ment for the single player demonstration of how the system works, the script package is completely multiplayer compatible though.

Future plans:
Graphical User Interface will probably be done in 1.05.
PvP Support will probably be done in 1.05 or 1.06.
More and Better Audio dialog. *i'm not sure if or when i'll get this done but i'll try*

Known issues:
Minor - in my demo mission inside this package don't set target and map travel at the same time or you'll lose control of your battery
Minor->Severe - first time map loading is still bugged and i don't know why it is. once you've loaded a map you'll have to restart the mission to fix it. you should only need to restart once after server boot up.

Created by SoccerBoy_TW
BIS for their awesome artillery module, without their work with the ballistic calculations this wouldn't work at all.
CoC for the inspiration of their Unified Artillery 1.0 Action Menu Interface from OFP.
OFPEC which was a big big help with all the knowladge on there.
Junker for the idea to make the hints silent.
various information from many many places sorry if i didn't name them all.

if you wish to edit and release this please notify me.
you're free to distribute this to where ever you wish to.

v1.04 Hotfix 1
Fixed: Dispersion values are now properly used.
Changed: Dispersion values for M119 to 100m\200m\300m, M252 to 50m\100m\150m, M270 to 50m\100m\150m\200m\250m\300m.

Changed: Changed the format from SQS to SQF.
Changed: Opened up the Artillery and Air Support to everybody with a first come first serve deployment
Added: Option to turn off the Artillery for mission makers in the ASSP_Options.sqf
Added: You can now either disable or enable respawn mode in the ASSP_Options.sqf for performace reasons. respawn mode is when the player respawns that he gets his menus back.
Added: Option to limit the radio menu through execution of a script.
Added: Auto Battery detection and classification through synchronization.
Changed: Rate of Fire Menu chagned to Immediate\Fast\Semi-Fast\Slow which represent 0\1\2.5\5 Seconds.
Changed: Mission Wording of Timed to Suppression.
Changed: Duration Menu is dynamic now depending on which mission mode you're in. in Suppression the options are Short\Medium\Long\Very long which represent 10\15\25\35 Seconds. in Immediate its the traditional Add\Subtract.
Changed: The duration menu for the M270 is dynamic depending on how many vehicles there are. max 15 duration.
Changed: The batteries won't be resupplied until they run out of one ammo type.
Changed: Now all 3 batteries can be what ever weapon you wish to choose (M119\M252\M270). example you can now have M119\M119\M252 or M270\M252\M252. etc.
Changed: Dispersion Add and Subtract Menu have been replaced with set ranges of: for MLRS its 50\100\150\200\250\300 Meters. for all the others its 100\200\300\400\500 Meters.
Added: Added an Option to cancel a fire mission in progress but only after the first shot.
Added: A few voice Radio Dialogs for the FDC.

V1.03 Hotfix 1
Fixed: Improved overall game performance caused by some scripts related to player disconnection or player respawn and now these scripts should only run in multiplayer.

Added: Ammo limitation and Ammo Resupply Interval. Resupply Interval is adjustable by the user in the ASSP_Options.sqf. the user can also disable resupply all together.
Added: Ammo Readout to the Action Menu to view your current ammo pool for your current battery.
Added: Dispersion Ability for 50m to 200m and have added the Dispersion to the Dialog on mission submission.
Added: Ability to move the M270 MLRS and have the Unit Marker and Range Markers Follow it around.
Added: Added Version Number to the Initialization Message so users know which version they are currently running.
Fixed: Corrected some typos in the dialog.
Fixed: Fix a problem with not being shown who is in charge of the battery you're trying to acquire.
Changed: the Ability to set the rate of fire to 0 seconds so that all guns can fire almost all at once.
Changed: increased preparation time between mission submission and shots by 2x.
Removed: Reload text between fire missions.
Removed: Unneeded code in some scripts.

Fixed: Fixed a Limited Detection issue with the M252 Mortars and M270 MLRS.

Changed: Removed the pings from the hints.

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