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Sound Test Application - using XAudio2 API

Due to some problems with sound that some are having (including myself), I compiled an app from the latest Microsoft DirectX SDK which uses the XAudio2 API. I didn't write it, a dude at Microsoft did. This is the same API that the game uses, so it is ideal for:
    - Testing to see if your drivers work ok with XAudio2
    - Making sure that your DirectX is functioning (app will error out if not)
    - Testing surround sound for proper functioning
    - Positioning surround sound speakers to avoid dead spots
I have not tested it on anything but Vista and Windows 7 so if someone has XP, let me know if it works ok!

The point of this post is to hopefully get an A2 files site to mirror this, as its handy for troubleshooting and tweaking Arma2 for best audio experience.
The source code is included. It is basically the stock XAudio2 sample from the DirectX SDK with the reverb effects commented out since they caused it to crash. So the reverb dropdown doesn't do anything.

I tried to set up a sound test in the editor with 4 vehicles NWSE directions with engines running to help tweak my speaker positions in my room, it was pretty difficult using just the game itself because all the engines sound similar, this app makes it a lot easier to find dead spots. I ended up moving my side speakers up quite a bit and now the game sounds phenomenal during a battle with no 'silent spots' when I turn around.

There is no installation. You decompress the file and run the shortcut. This is independent of the game, it is only to test out audio. The reason it is relevant is it uses the same audio API as the game. (Arma 2)

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