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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: build 0.19
Signed: Yes, server key included

Short description: VFAI_Equipment and VFAI_Smokeshell

Date: 2010-04-08 10:56

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VFAI - AI Extension
Victor Farbau

VFAI consists of 2 independent addons:
    1. VFAI_Equipment:
    What does it do? VFAI will allow units to scan their immediate environment for bodys and their equipment. Whenever possible and allowed the AI will try to snitch a magazine, a grenade or smokebomb here and there. If the unit looses its weapon or does not find ammo in a given time the unit will focus on getting a new weapon as quick as possible.

    2. VFAI_Smokeshell:
    At mission start all units will be equipped with one Smokeshell by the script. Whenever a unit is hit it will throw the Smokeshell into the direction it suspects the shot came from.
    This function adds something previously present in other AI extensions as well. I wrote this function again and included it as it seems to be an underestimated feature to me. A soldier hit by anything will try to determine the direction he was hit from and then throw smoke into that direction. Sometimes the throw direction seems random but sometimes it is spot on and (human) attackers can't see anything at all anymore.
Before updating please remove all old VFAI files from your addon folder. The Control Panel addon is obsoleted as of this revision - it never worked so well in Arma II anyway.

Place the .pbo files into a modfolder.
If you dont know how to setup and maintain your mod folders we recommend you to read our FAQ

Included files:

VFAI.Equipment -> Public Domain:
Recently I received a message from nikita320106 requesting permission to modify and re-release VFAI.Equipment with some of his ideas.I thought I'd rather post the material I have. If anybody feels like reworking / enhancing and re-releasing it: please do so! I give explicit permission to everybody to do this. I believe some fresh ideas are welcome here.

Only this advice: keep the Equipment and Smokeshell addons separate (that little Smokeshell code is not even included, it is contained in the smokeshell addon and this is the only version I worked with).
Also, observe unit behaviour in massive multiplayer when you modify the equipment code; you may find units getting stuck if you overload their command queue and the game might even crash. Be easy on the timings (no "delay 0.05" or similar). The more generous you are on the timings the better all this usually works - depending on how busy the engine is. Can be painful to debug this if there the error is not in the code but merely in the way you apply it.

Download the source files from here: VFAI.Equipment Stuff


VFAI - Equipment.AI V1.4 in action (ArmA I version)

build 019
- VFAI variables will not erratically reactivate
- Weapons / launchers only taken when loaded (ammo available)
- Handgrenade class error message (hopefully) resolved
- Added user config entry to allow/deny taking small arms (pistol slot)

build 013
- Simplified addon version (no group specific behaviour, no more dropping weapons, no control panel -> userconfig file)
- Increased performance
- Reduced amount of "Ready" shouts
- Switching to build revisioning

- Equipment.AI: Handgrenade Bug corrected

-Inital ARMA II Release

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- BI forums

- Community Base addons

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