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Date: 2009-09-14 13:23

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Command Hybrid System

In a high command mission, you start with your group and your subordinates. To move your subordinate, you do it like in most RTS games. But I find it quite inconvenient to move them over long distance especially when no contact is expected. With this script, I join all my subordinates into my group, so you in command of 1 large single group and they will follow you in conventional ARMA way. If a contact occurs, you can break you group into originally setup High Command subordinates, and now you can command them in HC mode.

It comes with a mission as a demo version. Extract the folder to your ArmA2\other Profiles\Yournick\Missions and load it in the editor.

1. To split your team, first select the team member(s) you want to split up, the command menu will popup at you left and select COMMUNICATION -> HCS -> Split Unit. Repeat as needed.
2. Press CTRL+SPACE to open up the High Command interface, you should see the split group under your command, and you can order them around with High Command.
3. TO rejoin the split team. Select the group, the command menu will popup at you left and select COMMUNICATION -> HCS -> Rejoin Group. Repeat as needed.

If you notice in the HCS menu, you will see there is another command called 'WATCH MY DIRECTION'. It works only in High Command mode. Because of BIS 'watch' command doesnt work in HC, so I create my own. Basically it just made the split group to watch the direction as the player's one. NOT watch what the player look at. eg, you are watching in direction at 125 degrees, so the split group will also be watching 125 degrees from their location.

I also include another kind of HCS, which is 'cent_HCS_SOM.Chernarus' mission. This is the first version of HCS, but with added extras from commsMenu. There's a pbo version of it. Basically this mission is just another secOp mission. Go to the SAT Phone near the church to receive secOps mission. you just have to wait a bit longer. After you completed a SecOps, return to the SAT Phone to receive another mission.

Extra info:
There is a mission made by Los18z which u can get here featuring this HCS:
- Command Hybrid System - Mission

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks to Kremator and dFear for the commsMenu

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- BI forums

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