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Requirements: Cold War Rearmed (and the CWR requirements)
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2009-08-21 15:23

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CWR: OFP Nostalgia Pack
OFP missions converted by W0lle

Back in 2001 a few talented people created the first OFP Missions using the demo content and a 3rd party mission editor - remember the game was not released back then.

I have converted and fixed these missions so they can be used in CWR. Where possible I added playable slots for MP usage.
Converting these missions was a pain because the previously mentioned editor created mission files which are no more readable by ArmA. That means I had to fix the bugs manually, then imported the mission and then started working on them once the mission became stable.
I changed a few smaller things and scripts but I would say I reached the goal of keeping 90% of the original mission.

Compared to todays "standards" these missions are pretty easy, there is no fancy scripting and effects stuff. However playing these missions gives you an idea how it was back then in Summer 2001 as the community was awaiting the first War Simulation from BIS.

Place the mission pbo(s) file(s) in your ArmA\MPMissions folder or ArmA\Missions folder if they are singleplayer missions.

You can read the original text made by famous Avon Lady here.

Credits & Thanks:
I want to thank Avon Lady for keeping the original mission download available until today.
Thanks too of course to all the people making these missions back then.

- Cold War Rearmed

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