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Version: 1.3

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Date: 2009-08-22 16:20

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Mando heliroute

This script allows you to script any range chopper trips and accurate landings anywhere without using any invisible or visible helipads.

Usually if you give a destination really far away, ArmA engine stalls trying to resolve the path and the chopper will refuse to move. Not any more.

What probles does solve this script?
- If you give a destination really far away, ArmA engine stalls trying to solve the path and the chooper will refuse to move.
- If you order a chopper to land at destination, it will land anywhere except where you want it to land, much less on building roofs, between streets or ship's decks.

Execute it there were the chopper is local.
[chopper, route positions array, flying height, landing true/false] execVM "mando_heliroute_arma.sqf"

Route positions array is an array of at least one position that defines the route the chopper will follow.
Once it reaches the final destination it will land if landing parameter is set to true. Note that for landings on ship's decks the Z of the last route position must match ship's deck altitude.

When the route is completed, the chopper will set its internal mando_heliroute variable to "waiting".

While the chopper is executing the route that variable is set to "busy" and, if the chopper is damaged or the pilot is killed, the variable is set to "damaged".

If you want to check when the route has been completed, you may do it this way:
Sleep 2;
waitUntil {heli1 getVariable "mando_heliroute" != "busy"};
if (heli1 getVariable "mando_heliroute" == "damaged") then
   hint "Chopper damaged or pilot dead, not available for more routes.";
   if (heli1 getVariable "mando_heliroute" == "waiting") then
      hint "Chopper waiting for a new route.";

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