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Requirements: CAA1 project
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Version: 1.03

Date: 2009-08-25 06:56

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Domination A2 - Return To Sahrani

This is a (more or less) direct port of Xeno's current version of Domination A2 1.03 West AI back to the original Arma 1 island Sahrani - now available again in Arma 2 thanks to the untiring work of Kju and others via the CAA1 Project

Extract the pbo file(s) to your .\ArmA2\MPMissions (installation) folder.

This mission was originally only meant as a little personalised "enticer" to persuade an Arma1 Domination friend to make the leap to Arma 2... as such, it's not absolutely 100% original...

Choppers #1 and #2 are Hueys - hitch and crate as normal.

There are "boomerang bikes" here and there around the base - saves legging it the length of the base and when you get where you're going - abandon it - it'll go back to where you found it...

Civilians are activated by default.

Other than those minor changes everything is basically standard as per Xeno's original..

Remember - this isn't a "forward port" of the old Arma 1 Domination into Arma 2 - it doesn't use the Arma 1 units or vehicles - its a "retroport" of the current Arma 2 Domination 1.03 over to the Sahrani island... ALL that's been done is to remap all spawn points and depots, vehicles and missions back to where I remember them from the Arma 1 version...
This means that - to all intents and purposes - this IS A2 Domination 1.03 West AI Unranked - along with any current hiccups it may have...

Credits & Thanks:
This is, of course, entirely The Mighty Xeno's work, I've merely changed a few numbers...

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