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Date: 2009-08-30 19:38

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Vehicle Rearming Point

This script uses several predefined rearming points to repair, refuel, and rearm vehicles for each playable side in a mission. There are four types of service points: land vehicle, rotery wing, fixed wing, watercraft. Points are marked on the map with markers for players to locate. A script in the mission init.sqf will remove markers for other sides so players only see what is intended for them.

Scripting repair, rearming, refueling for all default ArmA 2 vehicles as over v1.03

Making this script in your mission work requires work to be on IN the editor and IN windows.

a. Merge my mission with yours using the editor merge feature. (right side of the screen in editor, "merge" button)
i. Note, I have removed any playable units or vehicles, so you will only insert what's needed.
ii. To merge..
1. open your mission
2. then hit "merge"
3. select my template ("gc_vrs" on Utes island)
4. Hit "ok".

b. Copying the files from my mission to yours in windows..
i. Go to your missions directory (..My Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profles\YOUR PLAYER PROFILE\Missions )
ii. Locate your mission's directory
iii. Locate my template mission directory (called "gc_vrs.utes" )
iv. Inside my template copy the directory "scripts" over to your mission's directory
v. Inside my template copy the init.sqf file over to your mission's directory. OR if your mission already has an init.sqf, open up my init.sqf with a Text editor program and copy the contents of my mission's init.sqf over to yours and save it.

Finally, Back in the editor arrange the vehicle service points where you want them (each site has a crate, a "H" or ground symbol object, a marker, and two triggers. You will see each set grouped together in my template). Also, if there is a side which is not in your mission feel free to delete those respective service points. Note that the actual object which the player needs to get close to for rearming is the "H" object or ground marker, not the Vehicle Ammo crate at each site. Again, the vehicle ammo crates are for rearming the secondary gunning turrets on certain vehicles which the script cannot access.

This script is completely open source. Use it however you wish. Above all make good missions and have fun.

How to use in game:
Drive the vehicle you wish to service to the proper service area. You will get a new action in your action menu to initiate the script. For repairing and refueling, be in the driver seat. To rearm a vehicle, be in the primary gunner seat.

Known Limitations:
There is one substancial limitation to this script current due to the limitations in Armed Assault 2's scripting engine. Only the primary gunning turret of a vehicle can be rearmed. There are several vehicle in ArmA 2 which have multiple gunning positions. The additional gunning positions may only refil their current magazine from a standard rearming point such as an ammo truck or vehicle ammo crate. For this problem, each of my rearming points has a vehicle ammo crate.

This does not work with A.I. controlled vehicles, only player controlled.

Credits & Thanks:
Script by General_Carver. Thanks to ArmA 2 community for testing and feedback.

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