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Requirements: Queen's Gambit Expansion

Version: Beta 01
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Short description: Based along the "Pomegues et Ratonneau" islands near Marseilles.

Date: 2009-08-31 10:43

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Old Bear

Of course, the overall shape of the island is based along the "Pomegues et Ratonneau" islands near Marseilles.
As on the model you can find here and there remains of military equipments, some of them centuries old.
This one is a Norther European version, in fact the first step to get a "Winter Pomegratskaya" map, still in alpha state.

On this map, two islands linked by a long seawall are making a nice place for an harbour.

- On the northern part there are 3 "modern" barracks, one near the harbor and 2 ruins of barracks from an other era, the Zadrovie village and the harbour.
The north part is having also a factory/sawmill in the middle of plantation.
A large telecomunication mast is set on the highest point of the map.
A very special set of buildings is to be found at "Karantin", these ruined buildings are what was left of a 18th century quarantine hospital when the plague was infesting this area.

- On the southern part there are an airstrip and a "modern" base near it, 2 "disused" ruined barracks and 3 places used since the 18th century for naval arty batteries.
In the middle of the southern part the village "Stary Cyelo", is only ruins around a ruined castle.

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Credits & thanks:
ADO Floosy for his tutorial and help,
ADO Corsair83 for his tests of the various shapes of the runway ... and his videos,
ADO HusKy, ADO The_Killer,ADO ANgel,ADO Philippe83 for the Betas testings,

and all the Clan ADO

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