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Ghost Recon Custom Radio Sounds

This allows you to use 9 individual messages specifically for important communications ingame in the ARMA 2 gameplay.

Copy the folder "Sound" and put it into the folder:
    english: c: user/your computer name/documents/Arma 2 Other Profiles/your arma 2 playing name
    german: c: Benutzer/der Name Deines Computers/Dokumente/Arma 2 Other Profiles/Dein Arma 2 Spieler Name
1. Start the game
2. play a mission
    a. push the key "backspace"
    b. push the key "0"
    c. push the key "9"
    c. push one of the keys "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9" for the message and sound you want to have.

List of sounds & Code:
Copy - 099
Enemy in Sight - 098
Armor Spotted - 097
Enemy Down - 096
Armor Destroyed - 095
Democharges set - 094
Medic - 093
Hold your fire - 092
Target located - 091

You can see that the lower the number on the right the less quickly you need access to that radio button.
Likewise, the most important messages are closest to where you can give messages quickly and with a little practice you could roll off "Enemy in Sight - check map!" in about .2 of a second with little thought about where the keys are. ie, 098.

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