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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2009-09-01 04:55

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AC130 Gunship Simulation

This script uses stock in game elements and some scripting to simulate an AC130 Gunship. This aircraft has several weapon systems mounted which can provide direct fire support to ground operations. The script also includes a FLIR (forward looking infa red) simulation script.

Crew: 2 (pilot / gunner)

Weapons: 1) M119 105mm Howitzer, 2) M134 .30 cal minigun, 3) M197 20mm cannon.

100% Multiplayer Compatiable

Possible to use with player directed A.I., but recommend avoiding.

The script does not respawn the AC130 if it is destroyed.

This script requires work in Windows and in your ArmA 2 editor to integrate it with your mission.

1. Extract the sample mission "gc_ac130_script.utes" into "..\My Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\YOUR PROFILE\Missions\".

2. Locate your mission in the Missions Directory and browse its folder

3. Copy the "scripts" directory, the description.ext and the init.sqf from my sample mission directory into your mission's directory.

4. Note: If you already have a description.ext or init.sqf file in your mission, use a text editor to open these files in my mission, copy the contents, and paste them into yours and save.

5. In your ArmA 2 editor open your mission.

6. use the Merge button on the right side of the screen, select my sample mission (gc_ac130_script) and hit o.k.

7. Position the C130, triggers, and static weapons where you need to for your mission.

Usage in game:
The C130 can be used as it normally would. To use the gunner seat, position yourself in front of the cannon on the side and search the area forward it. Look for an action "Get in ZU-23 Gunner" in your action menu. Select that action to enter the gunner seat. To use the FLIR simulation script, be in the gunning position and use your action menu to bring up the FLIR menu. To rearm the weapons, use a standard ammo truck.

This script does have the following limitations to be aware of. It is possible as the gunner to hit the plane, be careful where you shoot. Also, when the plane is in a steep banked turn, the gunner might not be able to move his view. However he will regain control once the C130 is back in level flight. The pilot and gunner should work together to coordinate firing. The current arrangement of the weapon system performs best during stright, level flight.

This script is 100% open source. Use it however you want. Above all make some missions with it and have fun!

Credits & Thanks:
Scripting by General_Carver, special thanks to the ArmA 2 community for testing.

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- Armaholic forums

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