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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2009-09-03 12:43

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Ethan's Coop-Pack
[GTR] Ethan (aka Waza)

Mission pack containing 5 mission to be played from the Opfor side.

Coop-12 Desembarco Nocturno: A Russian Operator team must be deployed in an enemy city to destroy their enemy radar. -No Respawn-

Coop-12 Op. Asalto Nocturno V1.Chernarus: A parachute team (Spetnazs) have been launched in enemy territory to defeat the enemy in the region. (Can be used too to "orientation") -No Respawn-

Coop-17 Despejando en lĂ­nea: Three russian teams must be clear the enemy possitions. -I don't know if this mission have respawn-

Coop-12 Castillo del Diablo: Another three spetnazs team is deployed in the region to destroy the enemy artillery and clear the "Devils Castle". -No Respawn-

Coop-7 Entrando en Pavlovo: Simple task: just clear the village ;) -No Respawn-

Know issues:
- "Desembarco Nocturno" is new and not tested in MP, it might be bugged!

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