Author: i0n0s
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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 1.60 alpha

Short description: The RTE is another 3D editor for ArmA2.

Date: 2011-08-22 22:25

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Real Time Editor


The RTE is 'another' 3D editor for ArmA2.

  • Build missions and save them
  • 3d editor to place objects in easily in the world
  • Multiplayer editor: allows multiple people at the same time work on a mission
  • Game master mode: one or more guys have the ability to modify a running mission the fly depending how the rest of them plays the mission
  • This version supports ArmA II. E.G. the new factions are now supported. And selfmade mission can get exported/saved.

    RTE Capture?
    It's a helper which is required for the features of the RTE.
    A manual can be found here:
    RTE Capture Manual

    Manual? Also for the RTE?
    RTE v4.3 Manual
    It's not up to date, but should contain everything important

    The setup will install RTE Capture which installs RTE for Armed Assault and ArmA II.
    You can also check the Installation manual made by the author.

    For installation and use on OA/CO:
    1. Download latest RTE capture.exe
    2. install RTE to default directory (default means the one that it says automatically)
    3. run rte capture on desktop.
    4. Select folder where you want @RTEditor installed to.
    5. click next a few times.

    This is where i had trouble, @RTEditor did not install for me after this point.
    So I had to download the 7zip file and manually place the @RTEditor folder in my arma2 folder. I do not use UAC so this is fine for me here.

    Add @RTEditor to modline
    Change arma2.exe to arma22.exe
    Change arma2oa.exe to arma2.exe
    Run shortcut with @RTEditor; in and make sure the other mods you use are in the target line as well.
    Run RTE capture.
    Load Editor> select map>put player unit down> preview
    Once on the ground press ESC and click Run RTECapture menu (should be under exit, if its not then you've not installed it right) a few seconds later you'll be in the 3d editor and begin pulling your teeth out with your hair almost immediately!


    Known issues:
    This version doesn't support all features of ArmA II, e.g. 'object composition' is not supported yet.
    In short: There will be features added => Alpha.

    Also this version has some small issues but those affect the usibilty only a little.
    And those have priority on my bug list and should be fixed soon.

    There is another advantage of this status: It's WiP, therefore feedback and whishes are welcomed and should be placed in my bug tracker:

    Credits & Thanks:
    Used scripts:
    Set pitch / bank functions by General Barron

    - RTE Capture:1.60 ArmA II ION_RTE:559 ION_RTE_Dta:559 Armed Assault ION_RTE:523 ION_RTE_Dta:523 RTE Capture:Fixed: Wizard now installs RTE. Updater now creates the mod folder.

    - Updater for ION_RTE.pbo and ION_RTE_Dta.pbo works again.
    - When merging into SQM, only one setPos will get added to the units init line.
    - Added support for my documents\ArmA 2 as mod folder.
    - Please use it as new default folder for the @RTE folder to prevent problems with UAC.

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Community Base addons

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