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DMarkwick released a new beta version of his FireAndSmoke effects on the BI forums.

    Quote DMarkwick :
    This new version has a new effect: fuel fire. Each destroyed vehicle will emit smoke. Approx. 50% will be smoke columns, and 50% will be denser low-lying smoke. Of the smoke columns, approx. 60% will have it's fuel ignited and will burn it off. The length of time the fuel will burn is directly proportional to how much fuel was in the vehicle when it was destroyed, the smoke will burn seperately under it's own timing.
    Now, I develop with my own machine in mind, and I recently made a nice shiny new one, and this new version works fine on mine. In heavy DAC missions, the particles can become a little thin sometimes, but the game itself doesn't seem to slow down, which is fine. FAS is great for light to moderate battlefield carnage, and IMO works best on long missions that have flurries of activity.

      Changes in this version:
      - All new smoke textures.
      - Fire sound fixed.
      - Birds sound fixed.
      - Object fire colours fixed.
      - Fuel fire effect added.
      - More trees added to config.
      - MP fix so non-users don't get their .rpt file spammed (as much).
      - Other tweaks & fixes to ensure a good performance experience with new features.

Written on 2011-02-01 08:55 by Armaholic  

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