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Version: 1.1

Date: 2009-10-05 04:38

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Tractor's Arma Mission Pack

Included are a series of basic missions for the common foot soldier.
I designed these scenarios based on real world events.

The missions range from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Some are pretty straight forward scenarios that lead you from waypoint to waypoint while others are more open ended and offer the option to extend the mission.

You are to ride along in a convoy of two supply vehicles and deliver them to the ship yard depot.
The route has been reported to have heavy insurgent activity including ambushes and IED attacks.

Radicals have kidnapped local political leaders and are holding them at the airport and demanding a pilot to fly a helicopter to safety. Your team will attack from the main south entrance while a sniper squad attacks from the north side of the airfield.
Eliminate the hostiles and secure the hostages for transport.

Your unit along with two other squads are being helicoptered to a forward base. Intelligence has received information of a large attack force attempting to over run the base at dawn. Defend the base from the initial attack and clear the area.

Insurgents have moved into the train depot overnight and have interrupted UN supplies for the civilians of Chenerus. Meet up with the local militia and proceed into town to clear the depot. You have support available using radio callsign INDIA. (You have the option to play as leader, you start as a follower but you can switch units through the map menu. You must be the leader to call in support.)

Your unit is to support an armored squad to prevent to enemy armored units from linking up. The ;arger force will be approaching from the north east while the smaller unit from the west. Let the armored units handle the initial volley's and then proceed into town and clear any left over infantry.
You have the option to use the HIGH COMMAND if you like.

You are a Forward Air Controller tasked with destroying two targets. Link up with the medical support squad to obtain your laser designator then proceed to the village to locate and destroy a suspected weapons cache. Proceed to the primary objective, a forward operating base supplying movement intel to the enemy. Once you have located the base call in an artillery airstrike using the SECOP support.
(activate in US Support Menu 'SOM support')
Your second objective is a radar tower in Devils Castle. Locate and call in artillery /airstrike and destroy the radar site. Once completed you can end the mission by returning to HQ or assist SECOP as needed.

You are a Russian spetsnaz squad. The CDF have taken Russian civilians hostage and moved them to a prison camp. Liberate the prisoners and get to the lighthouse.

You are in the local underground militia. A double agent is picking up his mistress for a night out.
You are to intercept the vehicle and eliminate the occupants. Destroy all evidence and hurry to the get away car and escape.You have no night vision but should be able to see with the full moon.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

Known issues:
Unfortunately my briefings don't always load properly on my system.
Most of the missions have briefings included but you may notice a discrepancy here and there and the mission Anvil has no briefing as it conflicted with the USSupport scripts.
Please use the descriptions below as a basic briefing. Markers are included in mission to guide you.

Change log:
- Changed music in lionel
- Moved Cache in Idrang, added markers
- Removed JTD smoke line in Tiny Tim

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