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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 0.98 Beta

Date: 2009-10-31 07:14

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BOD (battlefields of destruction) is a gametype that focuses on combining AAS elements with Berzerk elements and some of my own new elements. All the scripts and features are completely made from scratch by me, which means I took nothing from the other mentioned gametypes. Each side has a main zone that is already captured in the beginning (for example, one town on each side), and two middle zones that must be captured to move onto the main enemy zone. If the main zones and middle zones are taken by your side, the enemy can no longer take your middle zones and the fight is now centered at the enemies captured main zone. A rogue zone, or "Bonus Zone" exists near the battle, and it can be captured at any time and counts as a full zone. After an hour of fighting, whoever controls the most zones wins! Each side also has a base. In this base, all your equipment and weapons are available, and being inside your base means you are spawn protected (invincible). Vehicles respawn, the spawn times are ranked from weakest to strongest; your bicycles being the weakest and your tank being the strongest. Your base vehicles are spawn protected inside your base. Instead of kits being available to an entire side, the kits are divided up into squads, where each squad has a limited amount of kits (2 AT, 2 MG, 2 ACOG/PSO, 1 SNIPER, Infinite RIFLEMAN). Medics/Corpsmen cant use AT. You can change or take a kit from your bases 3 wooden crates, but no where else. Wooden crates that let you rearm (refresh your current kit to get maximum ammo) are located in each capturable zone and at the Resupply areas. I've spent a lot of time alpha/beta testing with other people to make sure everything works professionaly.

You cannot rush zones in a vehicle. You must have boots on the ground to take a zone or count as a person in the zone.

- Extract the pbo file(s) to your .\ArmA2\MPMissions (installation) folder.

This addon is not required, but it is recommended that VOP sounds be running or supported on the server as the addon improves the battlefield atmosphere.

Change log:
v0.98 Beta
- Artillery system added to Bonus Zone, every 5min you get mortar ammo for the mortar there (bonus trench) (feature)
- Squad member marker system added (feature)
- Squad Average Position marker system added for non-squad members on your side, displays average position of friendly squads (feature)
- GUI added to screen so you can see important things (zone your in, artillery status, squad your in, your spawn protection) (feature)
- More resupply areas (feature)
- Unit rearm capability in all wood crates on map (feature)
- Heal capability in all wood crates on map (feature)

v0.91 Beta
- Client join update lagged on JIP (fix)
- Mission ended on server but not on clients (fix)
- More reliable messaging for zone captures (fix)
- Player position marker added to track where you are (feature)
- Mission tips periodicaly pop up on chat (feature)
- Balance issue fixed with vehicles (fix)
- Team killing message looped without sleep (fix)

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