Author: {nBs}-Steve-{XO}
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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 2.0

Date: 2007-03-07 04:20

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This is my first map and it is very big. You need a very goog PC or a server to host it.
    - Over 800 infantry and over 25 tanks.
    - Many transport possibilities to go to targets.
    - 2-4h to play.

Tips and info:
    - Complete target 1 to get helis, tanks and air support.
    - Only Pilots can fly.
    - Don't kill the Bus driver.

Change list:
- Fixed some bugs with the targets and vehicle respawn
- Made a new Secondary mission

- Unitspawn
- fixed mission targets and more
- fixed units
- GPS-Systtem
- and a lot more

- Unitspawn when enemy is in range
- Artillery
- Unitrespawn with same weapons
- Mobiler- and Airrespawn
- New missiontargets
- Unit patrol through cities
- and a lot more

- Mobil respawn fixed
- GPS delete
- Performence improve
- new mission

Special thanks to {nBs}Myke, Raptile from KSK-D, und mi2slow.

I wish you a lot of fun

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