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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2009-10-01 04:45

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Vehicle FLIR

This script adds FLIR vision to the commander and gunner of most vehicles in ArmA 2. The FLIR vision is only rendered while the player is looking in the sights, not 3rd person or vehicle interior. This script does not accurately simulate FLIR in that it is only adjusting the post processing effects of the game engine. Men and vehicles will not be a lot brighter on screen based on their heat signature. HOWEVER, it does help in spotting units and vehicles at night, in that the brightness does not auto adjust like with night vision and also the color is limited to white and black and shades inbetween.

- Respawn Compatible: Yes
- Multiplayer compatible: Yes
- Client side script.

In game, get in the gunner or commander seat of a vehicle. Select the "FLIR" action option to bring up the FLIR menu. On the menu you can on or off the FLIR, change its mode or adjust its brightness.

1. In the editor copy the single trigger in my template over to your mission.
2. In windows...
2 a. copy the "scripts" directory over to your mission's directory.
2 b. Copy the contents of the Init.sqf file to your mission's init.sqf.
2 c. copy the contents of the description.ext file to your mission's description.ext.
Note - If your mission is using other dialogues, much of the scripting in the description.ext file may not be needed. Reference my comments in the description.ext to spot the bodies of code which you can check if your mission already has present.

Vehicles affected:
Gunner only:
Humvee TOW,
BRDM2 (all 3 factions)
BRDM2 ATGM (CDF & Insurgent)
GAZ Vodnik HMG
Ka52, Ka52Black
Mi24_V, Mi24_P

Command & Gunner:
LAV 25
2S6M Tunguska
BMP2 (all 3 factions)
T72 (all 4 factions)
ZSU (both factions)


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