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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.2 beta

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Date: 2007-02-26 16:40

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To provide SP mission makers with the possibility to let the player freely
choose when and where he wants to insert to or extract from the mission area and
to give the player the possibility to call medevac to save his wounded men.

Insertion, Paradrop, Extraction and Medevac can be called using the radio.
A map will pop up, where the player can choose the area where the chosen action should take place. As soon as he has done this, the Chopper or APC - depending
on the distance between the base and the LZ - will start to move towards the LZ.

Insertion and Paradrop:
Define the LZ by clicking on the map. The vehicle will start its engine. Command your men to enter the vehicle. As soon as everyone has boarded the vehicle, it will travel to the LZ. When you arrive, you will have to tell your squad to get out of the vehicle (except in case of paradrop, jumping out of the chopper will
happen automatically).
As soon as your squad has left the vehicle, it will
return to base.

Define the LZ by clicking on the map. The vehicle will start to move towards the LZ. At a certain range to the LZ, the vehicle will ask you to mark the LZ by
dropping smoke.
You will then be able to do this by using the corresponding entry in your action menu. The vehicle will move to the LZ.
Order your men to board the vehicle. As soon as everyone has boarded the vehicle, it will travel back to the base.

You can call medevac if at least one of your men is wounded. Same procedure as extraction but as soon as smoke is dropped, the wounded men will leave your
squad and board the vehicle automatically.

read the Init.sqs of the mission template to see which possibilities there are to configure DTP to fit your needs.

MP compatibility beta test
This is the DTP by Jander, converted by Sickboy ( for Multiplayer Application.

New/Improved Features:
  • Converted all radio messages to stringtable entries
  • Exchanged mr Murray's original Artillery SQS version into MP version written in SQF by Sickboy
  • Exchanged the radio trigger system for a dialog (Can use some modernising), for multiplayer sake.
  • Leaders of the teams automaticly get an action to activate the dialog. The next leader aswell etc. etc.
  • Multiplayer Compatible, Multiple Sides, and multiple teams per side!
  • Multiple Vehicles per side (Choppers and APCS), each vehicle will return to it's original location.
  • Many optimizations to the code with less need of executing functions multiple times but once read into a variable.
  • The medevac in multiplayer waits 30 seconds at the smoke location for players to get on board
  • Now features 6th Sense framework with NS Lite and Netengine system for relaying commands and radio messages
  • Settings are now done in DTP\dtp_init.sqf
New Settings:
  • Arrays to define the available choppers for each side: DTP_ChoppersW,DTP_ChoppersE and DTP_ChoppersG
  • Arrays to define the available apcs for each side: DTP_APCsW, DTP_APCsE and DTP_APCsG
Known Bugs:
  • The chopper landings need tweaking, many times the chopper and its cargo get dammaged...
  • Fix the Bugs :)
  • Currently the activation/deactivation functions needs to be checked, I have not tested nor really updated it
  • Do more optimizations, maybe some restructuring, I had to rebuild a lot and some parts over and over again,
  • this could've made some structures illogical..
  • Add the units, vehicles, artillery and helipads for EAST and RESISTANCE, (Inlcuding proper naming), before release.
Version History:
    2007-02-17: update
      - Fixed Multiplayer crash bug caused by waypoint creation for player on server (player is not local to server and somehow creates a client crash)
      - Added some GetOuts for getting the AI out ASAP after landing
    2007-02-16: Initial Version
  • Jander for the original version
  • Mr. Murray for the Artillery original version
  • Various others that need to be listed before release due to used scripts/functions
  • =================================

    C R E D I T S

    The Dynamic Transportation Project uses:
      - mi2slow's & Vienna's Quickmap
      - Vienna's mapgrid calculation function
      - slightly modified versions of Mr. Murray's Artillery and Airstrike Scripts
      - a very small, modified code snippet from The Frontline Assembly's GDCE

    The demo mission uses:
      - the wonderful UPS by Kronzky

    Thank you to:
      - Mr. Murray for his ArmA Editing Guide and his example scripts - these things
      helped me a lot to get into ArmA scripting.
      - Everyone at the official german ArmA board who gave anwers to my editing
      questions; especially to Vienna and {nBs}-Myke-{CO}

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