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Version: 1.03

Date: 2010-01-09 17:05

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C&H Mission Pack C&H-32

These C&H layouts are infantry based and small-medium sized in nature so that there isn't alot of running around. They are designed for competitive gameplay for leagues and groups who enjoy relaxing C&H sessions. Customize your session using the server sided parameters, choose your weapon, spread out and cover your points to see if you can be the victor over your opponent. As I update these C&H missions or add to the mission pack I will update this post. It will mainly depend on player feedback.

- These missions entertain any number of players, however, the player slots were increased to 32 (16 vs 16) for larger server capacities. I can add more slots if server hosts want me to. Just ask...
- Each mission has a detailed NOTES section. Click M, then NOTES and read about the gamemode details, objectives, Hints, Designer contact info, and more.
- Teams have random respawn locations at each team spawn to allow for spawn camping, however, very difficult to do successfully
- On Screen Score and Round Timer with a HINT BOX indicator that pops up at 15 minutes left, 10 minutes left, 5 minutes left, and 1 minute left. No need to have to hit I or guess how much time is left to play.
- Enhanced the Spectator Mode - 3 non-player slots exist for server admins to watch as a round plays out. Great tool to locate glitchers, cheaters, etc.
- Quick Grenade Binding Key - the Salute key, when used, quickly switches to grenades to use when you quickly need to throw a nade. It automatically switched back to your normal weapon in a second if not used.
- Persistent Scoring - If players come and go during a round the score is left unchanged.
- Customize your gameplay using the great server controls
    - Server sided options for # of LIVES per player - if players reach the limit they are elimintated to spectate using a nice spectator script where they can see through the eyes of living team mates.
    - Server sided options for # of LIVES per team
    - Server sided Friendly Fire On/Off option (nice for groups that have new players who can't identify teammates well)
    - Time Limit options
    - Terrain Detail Options
    - View Distance options, and more...
P.O.W. Camp (chernarus)
DEPOT STATION (chernarus)
EMBASSY (chernarus)

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
- Uses PVP Script Pack v3.02 by [SBS]mac tracking forum: BI Forums
- Added Time Indicator box to come up when there is 15 minutes left, 10 minutes left, 5 minutes left, then 1 minute left
- Added Server parameter to modify # of LIVES per player
- Added Server parameter to modify # of LIVES per team
- Added Server parameter to modify Friendly Fire option to turn on or off
- Added Server parameter to modify Round time limit setting
- Added Server parameter to modify View distance and more
- Added Team Tags feature to see each other's Gametags when placing crosshairs over teammate
- Added Persistent Scoring so when a player leaves, the on screen display remains unchanged
- Added Quick Grenade Bind Key - the Salute key switches quick for grenades then auto switches back to your weapon after approx 1 second
- Added Spectator Mode - 3 slots for admins to spectate. Great for seeing if anyone is glitching, cheating, etc. Also a good tool for Leagues to use.

- Fixed the Time Of Day Bug
- Added Space Bar capability to quickly switch to Grenades
- Modified loading verbage to be more player friendly

- Uses PVP Script Pack v2.08 by [SBS]mac tracking forum: BI Forums
- 8 vs 8 player slots with 3 spectator slots to be used for admins or referees in scrimmages/matches.
- Minefields (indicated by signs) border the fight area to focus the battle in a zone fit for 8 vs 8 gameplay
- Round timer will not start until at least 2 players are in the session. So if 1 player is in the game this gives them time to roam around and review the map until others join in.
- Player spawns are protected by a sign barrier, so if your opponent crosses the line they will perish. All player slots spawn in the same location each time they die to allow them to get back on track quickly.
- Character Classes and Weapon Loadouts are the same for both teams with weapon crates available to customize your kit. If you die, you keep your customized weapon loadout when you respawn.
- On-screen scoring hud and timer so that you can see the status of the game as it plays out.

Credits & Thanks:
Gameplay scripts by [SBS]mac

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- BI forums

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