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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.02

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Date: 2007-08-11 01:19

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Dynamic Group Creator reloaded

(download removed by request from the author.
Please download the Coop Essential pack instead which contains a more complete and optimised scripts package.
You can download it from this page.

The DGC reloaded provides a fast and easy way to create a random numbers of groups of a random size.
They will also patrol randomly in the self-defined area.

Basic Features:
    - Supports Blufor, Opfor, RACS and Civilians simultaneously
    - Each side can be defined as friendly or enemy to the player/s
    - Random Groupsizes with own definition of min and max size
    - Random Groupnumbers with own definition of min and max numbers
    - Complete randomized patrolling
    - It's possible to add waypoints manually
    - Full support of land based vehicles
    - Included lag eliminator (dead body remover)
    - Body remover can be set to "All", "Bodies only", "Replace vehicles with wreck if possible" and "None".
    - Easy implementation of 3rd party addons
    - Easy "out-of-the-box" use
    - Almost every aspect can be modified to own needs
    - Overrides ArmA limit of 144 groups per side with body remover enabled
Known limitations:
ArmA supports not more than 144 Groups per side. With the bodyremover enabled, the DGC can create far more than these 144 Groups. But limit stays for groups present at the same time.

How to use:
Put the folder "dgc_reloaded" in
"C:\Documents and Settings\youraccountname\My documents\ArmA\missions\"

Many thanks to the people who helped me with this stuff.
Special thanks to:
    - Foxhound
    - NiGHTWoLF
    - satexas69
    - mi2slow
    - rocko
Use at your own risk. Don't blame BIS or any Publisher if this stuff blows up your Computer since these people have nothing to do with it.

To do:
- Change the complete script to .sqf (could be a while though, I am still learning it)
- Add dutch translation
- And some more......

- Fixed body Remover didn't worked. - fixed
- English PDF included (Thx to El Mariachi)

Fixed/changes in 1.01
- Custom behaviours wasn't available per side, only per zone. - fixed
- In large zones it was possible to permanently have the hint "Zone not big enough". - fixed
- German readme included.
- Dutch readme included. (Thx to Foxhound)
- Russian readme included. (Thx to RambOz)
- Changelog (this file) included.

- Groupsize/Groupnumbers max set to 0 will create infinite units/vehicles. - fixed
- Heavy lag/stuttering while units/vehicles were created. - fixed
- Settings for group behaviours are only global. - fixed
- Groups not moving for a long time. - fixed
- Chopper may have "unusable" waypoints/starting points i.e. midforrest. - Support canceled
- Eastern special forces spawns a WesternSaboteur. - fixed
- New created units do not attack enemies the first 10-20 seconds. - fixed
- Civilians have no weapons. - fixed
- Common mistake with copy&paste the scriptcall for dgc_zone.sqs from the readme. - fixed
- Creating Civilian Vehicles could cause ArmA to CTD. - fixed
- Sometimes patrols couldn't reach theyr waypoint and stopped patrolling. - fixed

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