WIP report - Project Aus
Work in progress

Rhodesy_77 released new screenshots on our forums showing the units included in the mod.

Quote Rhodesy_77:
ok a lil teaser, just some model work ive been doing. still along way to go yet.
a new sig/Section leader player model.
another sig model, this time with a CFP-90 Combat Pack with inbuilt long distance radio
and got bored so started work on a bergan (sp?)
anyway still got alot of work to do with these as ive decided to rework alot of the parts of the units.


8582-bergan.jpg 8582-sig-1.jpg 8582-sig2.jpg

You can post your feedback in the Project Aus topic.

Written on 2009-10-14 12:46 by Rhodesy_77  

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