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Date: 2009-10-18 10:20

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attachto template 6 - tow M119
norrin & blakeace

Here is one thing that I am sure some people will love. I have always wanted to be able to tow the M119 around before a truck. Now this doesn't do anything fancy it just attaches the gun to the back of the truck, so the wheels don't rotate and the base plate is still present, though partially hidden most of the time. At least it gives me the ability to add this to the missions if I need to relocate etc.

So all I have done is added bits to the mount_vcl.sqf script. Then in the init line of the truck assigned the type of object to be attached to M119:
nul = [this,"M119"] execVM "mountOnVcl\mount_vcl_init.sqf";

// mount_vcl.sqf
// © JUNE 2009 - norrin (

_vcl 			= _this select 0;
_caller			= _this select 1;
_typeOfVcl		= _this select 3;
_dir			= getdir _vcl;
_mountVcl 		= objNull; 
_blogs			= 0; 
_c			= 0;
_dir1 			= 0;

if (count nearestObjects [player, [_typeOfVcl], 20] > 0) then
	_mountVcl = nearestObjects [player, [_typeOfVcl], 20] select 0;

if (vehicle _caller != _caller) then {_caller action ["GetOut", vehicle _caller]; sleep 1};

if (!((_vcl getVariable "NORRN_mountOn_vcl_pos1") select 0)) then
	_dir1 = getdir _vcl;
	_vcl setdir 0;
	_mountVcl attachTo [_vcl,[0,-6.4,-1.2]]; 
	_mountVcl setDir 180;
	_mountVcl setVectorup [0,-0.15,1];
	_vcl setdir _dir1;

	sleep 0.1;
	_vcl setVariable ["NORRN_mountOn_vcl_pos1", [true, _mountVcl], true];

if (true) exitWith {};

This has not been tested in MP, just been playing around, and their is probably a better way of doing it, but it may just give a little enjoyment to others like it has to me.

So all I have done is added bits to the mount_vcl.sqf script. The rest of the scripts are as per Norrins Put bike in Pickup scripts.
As always love your work Norrin!

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