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Version: 1.1

Date: 2009-10-22 13:57

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Runaway from Hell

June 10, 2012, an unknown terrorist group has shot down a military helicopter Mi-8 peacekeepers Russia, where the dirt was transported to the Americans. You are one of the survivors managed to hide the case with compromising and pulled down a satellite transmitter, before the terrorists attacked on you. Don the sack on his head, you will be taken to the village of terrorists. You are sensitive ear heard, that they instigate you to sell to American authorities who want to get valuable information out of your head. Here you are faced with the problem of honest, none of you will not hear if you uprut in this country. While you wait for a large Transaction: the arrival of the Americans for you, you are placed on the back yard of the house where you are trying to keep intact, left you for the dirty American torture. But they have learned from the Americans about the briefcase and began to split your allowances. You are like a commando immediately appreciated by them as a pathetic attempt.
But still you have to make this flight! You have three options to solve the problem with these terrorists:
1) Ally Belorucsiya should help you if you cross the northern border Chernorusii.
2) to get to an old friend, he just has a satellite transmitter to the conflict, to tell her about the problem and about the American plans.
3) Transportation to the case. Comes with a special examination of a satellite transmitter to communicate to their problem and about the American plans.

+ 3 points to complete the mission
+ Serious instrumental soundtracks

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

Known issues:
- Notebook with a description does not work (although a prisoner of war and should not be!)
- Foul bandit lexicon (as in real life)

Change log:
+ Fixed the initial video
+ Rearmed all caches
+ Added script for helicopters landing
+ Added more enemies in the village
+ Some changes in the scripting language of the enemy
+ Fixed an end of all endings (Now the case is much more noticeable)

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