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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.1

Date: 2009-10-25 13:17

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Construction Site DeathMatch

"Construction Site – The First Real DeathMatch" is the first practical example of the use of Public Variable Updating in Local Environment System (PVULE System) This is a new way to broadcast public variables without using "PublicVariable" command or triggers. This system allows to create complex missions without "PublicVariable" commands and you do not need any addon!

Tanks to this new way of work I create a unique mission with unique features that I’m sure that you never saw before! The icing of the cake it is at the end of the mission where you will see the winner and he will be capable to make special animations (Jump, dance or boxing movements) or anything he or she wants even talk! (The other players will have their games lock!) This mission has been tested 100% in multiplayer mode and is not a Beta release! Code have been depurated several times for this reason this mission works with a high performance.

. Intelligent Random Respawn System (IRR System):
Why Intelligent Random Respawn System? Only I need to make a little question... How many times playing deathmatch missions did you respawn on front of an enemy killing you before you are ready?

IRR System allows to place the player at POINTS where there are no one. The script checks if there is another unit close to the point before to place the player. In addition it works randomly! So no one knows where you are going to respawn!

The respawn system in Arma 2 works in two dimensions and always at ground level. IRR System works in 3d so you can put a unit anywhere at the map! (AI will die if it is moved inside buildings using “UnitName SetPos GetPos LocationInsideBuilding” => Another Arma II Bug…)

. Intelligent Score System (IS System):
This is a group of scripts creating a system that bears in mind both the score and the number of player's deaths. By default in Arma 2 the player on top of the list is the one with higher score. But a high score doesn't mean a good player! The best player will be the one with higher score and with fewer deaths.
. Best player's name is shown all time on the screen!
. At the end of the match best player's character will be showed for 25 seconds so he or she can make a little speech! At this point the winner will be free to make special animations or anything he or she wants even talk! The other players they will be watching what the winner is doing because they will have their games block!

. Global Animation System (GA System):
Thanks to this feature all players will see the winner's character making special animations (Dance, boxing and jump)

. Score by Move System (SM System):
This system adds to players 1 point if they don't remain at the same place. The system will check player position every 50-90 seconds. It works randomly so you never know when next check will be.

. Penalized Death System (PDS):
Every time you die PD System will remove a point from your score. Making the match harder and more interesting… When using this feature it is strongly recommended to block the server to prevent that join in progress players will have better statistics than the one already playing.

. Two Intro Mission System (TIM System):
This feature plays one intro for the beginning of match and another one when match is already on. First one shows the battlefield and second one has a black background, to avoid to show where the players are (Remember that this is a serious mission)

. New Muti-Parameters List (included in patch 1.04):
I add this option to allow admins to set up:
Duration: No Limit, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min
Day/Night: Day/Night
Meteorology: Dry/Wet
Weapons: All,All with no handgun, AKS Gold, DMR, G36, M1014 (Shotgun), M16A2, M24, M240, M249, XM8-GL, Handgun (M9), MP5SD.
ScoreByMove: On,Off
PenalizedDeath: On,Off
Score: No Limit, 5 Points, 10 Points, 15 Points, 30 Points, 50 Points, 100 Points.

. Mission Information Action:
I add an action on mouse wheel menu to access to mission information: time remaining, Score (To win mission), Player Score… This allow to players to know his score even while playing expert mode (In expert mode you can't see score table)

. Weapon Reloading Bug Fixed:
How many times playing an internet mission did you need to press “Switch Gun” key to start using your weapon... No worries about that at “Construction Site – The First Real DeathMatch”.

. Intelligent Design Environment:
This mission is six times bigger than Arma 2 deathmatch mission and it performs better! I let you know that I took care even where to put the objects to create cover points... The high performance is due to a repetition of a small number of simple objects but the location looks like a real construction site. Medium-Low spec computers will play this mission at 40+ STABLE FPS! THIS MISSION DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY TRIGGER! IT WORKS THANKS TO SMALL AND SOLID DEPURATED SCRIPTS.

. Build in Weapon Restriction:
Admins can switch on or off the weapon restriction feature. When weapon restriction is off you will carry and M16A2 and then you can change it at any ammo box.

. Multilingual:
This mission can be displayed in English or Spanish.

. No map / no Night Vision:
You don’t need a map in this mission… And you don’t need night vision goggles because light is just enough to make the match a little bit more… interesting!

. Construction Building "Glitching" Problem Fixed:
I let you know that Arma 2 construction site has some "glitching" problems. But no worries I fix them too.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Check the readme for more info

Change log:
. New version call “Construction Site – The First Real Deathmatch MC” This is the same mission but with a different character for every player! Fun... Fun... and more... FUN!
. Code improvement: Reduced “direct” communication between server an clients a little bit more!
. Fixed problem with an object in dedicated servers.

Credits & thanks:
Recuerdos a Jordi y Rubén, mis amigos, y a mis padres Antonio y Angela... Sin ellos yo no sería quien soy hoy.

Thanks for your time!

You can send me your comments or job offers to mgllgm @

Concept, scripts, mission location design, video editing, audio editing... created by:

Miguel R.A. (Murcielago_ESP)

Beta-Testers: Chakalt_ESP, CombatSoldier_ESP, Flet_ESP.

“Quality is not in tools quality is in people who use tools”

>> Why “Construction Site - The First Real Deathmatch”? <<

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