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Date: 2009-10-27 16:04

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This is a version of Mr. Murray's airstrike script from Armed Assault which I rewrote for Arma2. In the original version from Mr. Murray's script the player can order an airstrike with one Harrier via mapclick. I took this script and changed some things inside the script so the player can again via mapclick order an airstrike but this time with 4 Harriers so it looks a bit more spectacular and is off course more effectively.

It comes with a mission as a demo version. Extract the folder to your ArmA2\other Profiles\Yournick\Missions and load it in the editor.

Flash video:

Extract the whole "airstrike.utes" into your Arma2\Missions folder and then You can use the merge button in the editor to use the airstrike in your own mission. By doing so You only have to copy the files "airstrike.sqs", the "description.exe" (if you already have a description.exe just mofify your existing one) and copy the sound-folder into your mission-folder.

For those who just want to use the script without any of my sound-samples: Just remove the following lines inside the script:
playsound "airstrike_request";
TitleText ["You: Sigma team to USS Polyphem. Requesting airstrike on following coordinates. Over.","Plain Down"];

playsound "airstrike";
TitleText ["fire control: Sigma team this is USS Polyphem fire control. Coordinates received. Airstrike is on the way. Out.","Plain Down"];

_plane1 say "jet1";
_plane2 say "jet2";
_plane3 say "jet3";
plane4 say "jet4";
The airstrike is not every time very accurate (as it isnŽt also in real life I think). This depends often of the level of the terrain in which the airstrike is called because there are two factors responsible for the precision. ItŽs on the one hand the flyinheight and on the other hand the distance to the target before the bombs are released. So when You notice that the strike is far too short or far too long from the target then try to experiment in the script with the following parameters:

1.: ? (_plane1 distance ASTarget) < 1200 : goto "DROP" (instead of 1200m change into something bigger or smaller)

2.: _plane1 flyinHeight 400; (same thing here instead of 400m change the height)

Known issues:
For some reason the 4 Harriers do not disappear. I wrote in the script that they will be deleted after 200 seconds but in some cases they don't. Also you can order again 4 new harriers without the former 4 Harriers have been deleted so after the 2nd airstrike there might be a total number of 8 planes in the air and so on and so on. So that after 5 airstrikes in a row there could be swarm of Harriers in the air.
But I will work on that.

Credits & thanks:
I wnat to thank Mr. Murray for the original script and also for his fantastic editing Guide for Armed Assault which widely also works in Arma2.

This file is no longer availbale. When anyone who sees this message still has this file somewhere we kindly ask you to sent it our way so we can fix our mirror.
Thanks in advance!

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