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Date: 2009-11-07 11:52

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Artillery Battery Officer script

I play a lot of ArmA multiplayer, and I really like using the Artillery Module to aim mortars at targets spotted by other players. However, I found that I wasn't happy with the amount of firepower a single mortar offered me, and there was no way to have, for example, AI subordinates shooting their own mortar tubes. Also, multiplying the number of explosions you drop is always more fun.

With this pile of scripts, you can order AI subordinates to man indirect-fire weapons, mimic your own gun azimuth and elevation, and fire coordinated volleys for effect.

You'll need to use the built-in Artillery module (or some other addon) to aim the battery. You could also use the Construction module to allow players to place their tubes where they want. All these scripts do are coordinate aim and coordinate fire.

Demonstration Instructions:
Order your AI dudes into some mortars.
Sit down in a mortar, and use the "Open Targeting" action to aim your mortar.
Once you're happy with your aim, toggle Freelook to freeze your aim, and hit 0-0-9 to tell your AI dudes to aim in the same direction.*
Hit 0-0-1 to order them to fire. Shots should rain down roughly in the same arrangement as your men's tubes are layed out.
Use the Team Switch keys to jump into an aerial observer helicopter, and use freelook to watch the mortars fall.

* Once you order your men to aim, some of their AI ("MOVE", "TARGET") will be turned off. To reactivate the AI, you must issue an aim or fire command while sitting in a mortar that's different from the one they're in; this reactivates their AI. **

** Yes I know this is dumb as hell.

I don't think this will work for anything larger than the ~80mm mortars, for now. With bigger artillery, I think the distance between the gun's position and the gun's muzzle's position screws up my aim-coordinating math. I've only successfully tested the M252 and the PODNOS 2B14 so far.
Very little of this code is inside "isServer" checks, so it might not work in multiplayer.
It uses Radio Alpha and India to order your men to fire. This might cause scripts to execute on all clients, which would therefore make it difficult to have multiple arty officers in a multiplayer mission.
Sometimes the men spontaneously explode themselves. I haven't the fainted clue why.
If your subordinates drop rounds on friendly units in the field, nearby friendly units might execute them
Artillery officers can only be defined at mission start currently; I'd like to be able to promote people to artillery officers at any time.
Friendlier support for AI subordinates who are doing security instead of firing tubes.

Please report bugs.

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