Mando Missile ArmA for Arma 2 updated beta released
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Mandoble released an updated beta of his Mando Missile ArmA for Arma 2 on the BI forums.
This does now work with Arma 2 and Arma 2 Combined Operations.
    Changes in v2.4b10.2:
  • Highly improved performance for MMA HUD and TV, these of you having locking on problems in overloaded missions should notice it
  • MMA TV, MCC, LRR and support console screens selfadjust for any interface size, no more small displays
  • Added systems for some missing ACE2 units (thanks to Shuravi-rnd)
  • Added rearming configurations for ACE2 Su34s
  • Added systems and rearming configs for Duala air units (except UFO)
  • Added systems and rearming configs for PRACS air units
  • Added systems for CWR demo air and land units
  • Nuclear effects performance improved, no more visual problems when detonation happens in large cities
  • RKLS STormShadow has GPS targeting again
  • Fixed RAH66 Hellfire setup
  • Added CWR units MMA setups (thanks to Shuravi-rnd)
  • Added CCIP for Mi24P Russian bombs as well as x2 Igla rearming config.
  • Fixed mando_airsupport_code_ca was being called for airborne assault instead of mando_airsupport_code_pa

Written on 2011-09-24 20:48 by Foxhound  

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