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Requirements: FDF Podagorsk
Island(s): FDF Podagorsk
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Version: 2.1

Date: 2010-11-26 07:53

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Csar jolly roger 28

You squads chopper has crash landed somewhere in Chernarus and a CSAR chopper is sent to rescue you. You need to figure out your location so the chopper will find you. It's more than likely the enemy will be interested in finding you first.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
2.1 Overhaul; changed task & trigger handling, added LDDK logo, added spectator script, minor tweaks
1.9 Spawn area tweaking and fixed trigger so paratroops actually jump.
1.8 Tweaked AI chopper waypoints, end trigger and added group ids.
1.7 Added AI choppers and paratroops
1.6 Minor trigger tweak. NVG added to the 2nd corpsman.
1.5 First public release.

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- FDF Podagorsk

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