Author: JTF-2Psycho
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Requirements: Island Panthera
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2009-11-16 16:32

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Red Flare 1 & 2 coop pack
JTF-2 Psycho

Two coop missions for the Panthera Island.

- Red Flare:
A short but very fast paced and intense defence mission.

An 8 man medic squad travelling back to HQ hits a mine in a small village which is practically in the middle of a large concentration of enemy forces. Your coms to HQ are down, as is the ambulance carrying the injured CO, it lost fuel due to blast from the mine leaving you with the last resort, setting the distress flare. This will call a small support and repair convoy to come to your aid and also two pilots will be scrambled to assist. The enemy will be certain to investigate before they get to you... set your defences well

- Red Flare 2:

Fairly fast paced and short depending on the amount of players. Basically a destroy some targets and a bad guy mission.

An 8 man squad has been tasked to eliminate the enemy CO to let them know they dont shoot ours! To get to him you have to destroy an enemy AA site before the Air Support can be utilised. Proceed to attack the enemy to destroy the remaineder of the tasks. Once the main tasks are done you can either continue to clear the area or end the mission using radio Alpha.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Known issues:
- Unable to prevent the truck/troop carrier coming in from the south as soon as the map starts, before the the flare is activated.

Change log:
Red Flare V1.1
- Changed the enemy attack choppers from ! (alive chopper) to ! (notMove chopper). Trigger will thus work when choppers are
- hit and not fully destroyed
- Changed the area that enemy have to enter to destroy the ambulance/kill the officer
- Added AA riflemen and AA vehicles (the Air support was far too easy)
- Fixed the support convoy moving to position when the air targets are disabled/destroyed
- Added some extra markers to the map screen to support the radio messages/enemy incoming directions
- Changed the time so that the time of day option works correctly

Red Flare 2 v1.1
- Added enemy Alligator helicopters, Friendly Air support far too easy, potentially a player pilot can take out all the enemy leaving ground troops very bored
- Added more troops at first objective
- Players are now infiled in an APC
- Fixed enemy commander leaving too early. Tracker will now show up on map when he moves off and also will show when the enemy commander is dead.

Credits & thanks:
Norrin for the AI Enabled Respawn,
Kronzky's UPS script
Monty for the Ammo Crate script,
Xeno for the Chopper service script,
Gachopin for the FLIR script,
IceBreakr for this really nice island
OFPEC for the brieifng resources.
Thanks to Armaholic for making these missions available to the public

- Island Panthera

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